Beck’s wanted to be the beer that championed self-determination and authenticity.  And they needed a global campaign that could be used in markets as disparate as the United States and Romania.  

We created a campaign of making authentic choices.

In each ad, we used doors to represent different choices that led to different paths.  Some were big decisions, some were small.  All connected with the tagline: Life Is What You Choose  (so make a better choice in beer) 

This gave Beck’s global partners a ton of flexibility, because they could name the doors with whatever choices were locally relevant and in their own language.  The choices could be as brazen or as safe as the market could handle. 

The template was also so simple, that partners could produce more ads, which in turn, strengthened the idea.

For television we featured a few dilemmas in which the hero retreats to an ethereal bar in his mind in order to think it through. This bar eventually became a traveling showpiece for special Beck’s events.

On Beck’s website people were confronted with a variety of choices that determined which path they would take and which new dilemmas they would be faced with. After each choice, the percentage of people who made the same choice was displayed.

For online display advertising, we wanted to create an ecosystem of banner ads that led people to unusual websites, based on the choice they made.  

We also dreamed of an city-wide, interactive game, based on choices.  At different points in the city there would be a decal of two doors, each with a choice and a text number.  Punch in the number and you would receive a map location pin to the next set of doors, based on your choice. This would continue through the day, giving people a chance to spend the day cruising the city and meeting new people. At the end of each possible decision tree we would have a pop up Beck’s bar set up for like-minded people to sit and enjoy a Beck’s together. We even suggested having contests to send people to other countries to participate in the event.  

No, it didn't happen.