The Los Angeles Times was facing what newspapers all over the country were dealing with - declining readership.

With the costs of producing a newspaper rising and advertising sales declining, trying to buy readership with discounts wasn’t a prudent, or even viable, option.  We needed to remind people why the newspaper was important to their lives.  And we wanted to do it in a way that created impact in a city driven by image and entertainment.

We distilled the Los Angeles Times masthead into a visual that connected Angelenos to images from the newspaper's archives in ways that were shocking, exciting, curious, idiosyncratic, and bold.  We blanketed Los Angeles for two months: 4 TV Spots, 52 print and outdoor pieces surrounding stand-still traffic, and 16 double truck ads in the kickoff edition as well as daily ads and radio.

The response was immediate. Some people loved it. Some people were very uncomfortable with it.  And sales increased for the first time in decades.

These are a few of the over 60 executions we created.