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This campaign came before the years of Stella McCartney designing for Adidas; when women were relegated to wearing their boyfriend’s Señor Frog’s t-shirt and baggy, butt-hating shorts. The time had come, and Lucy of Portland was a sweaty sister’s savior.

 Lucy was a new women’s athletic retailer, featuring cute and well-designed workout wear. And Lucy of Portland was the frank and foxy savior who talked about the realities of women’s workout wear that we didn’t even realize were falling short.  She was a fresh and unexpected voice at the time, and was unapologetic in letting women know they shouldn’t settle for less.

 Women loved it. They wrote to Lucy, to the agency, and even to the magazines who ran the ads to tell them how much they loved reading about Uniboobs, Creased Crotches, and Knotted Nipples. But not Martha Stewart. She had her magazine yank them as soon as she saw them.

Browning Fishing Rods

Browning is a brand of finely-crafted, hand-tooled fishing rods for gentlemen who know about such things.

I, on the other hand, do not like fishing.  But I loved the intensity, time, knowledge and persnickety-ness that each of the rod makers brought to the endeavor.  And was honored to step into their shoes and share their code of craft and honor with the world. 

I can even vaguely recall the process of making a fishing rod.